Every project starts to its journey with planning permission. Planning Permission is the consent you are required to obtain before starting your project.

2) PREPARATION OF BUILDING REGULATION DRAWINGS (£1265(incl. VAT)+Structural Engineer Fee(£500-700))
At this stage, we have to prepare your construction drawings with a structural engineer. We will prepare the below drawings with the required detail drawings for this stage;
– Preparation of Demolition Layouts
– Preparation of Proposed Layouts
– Preparation of Building Regulation/ Structural Layouts
– Preparation of Measurement Layouts
– Preparation of Fire Safety Layouts
– Preparation of Drainage Layouts
– Preparation of Electrical Layouts
– Preparation of Window and Door Schedules
In addition, a structural engineer has to be involved at this stage, to prepare the necessary calculations/drawings for the new structural elements. ( Beam. column, roof joists, rafters etc.) We will get 2 quotes from our trusted structural engineers for you to appoint one of them to prepare the calculations and structural drawings for your project. (Please bear in mind at this stage; condition of the existing foundation of the rear extension may need to be checked and this can be an additional cost.)
– Party Wall Agreement